Saturday, May 15, 2010

Midsummer Nights Dream

I was recently in the community's college production of "A Midsummer Nights Dream". I haven't been in a show for 4 years. SO it was fun be back on the saddle again doing my same routine. The idea behind the show was the "Hollywood Hills", so my character had a Paris Hilton spin to it, so stiletto heels, and my hair is featuring a "bump it".
I loved getting time away from the kids and being in my element. But in the end I missed my family tremendously, and it will be hard to fit another one in. Plus it was really weird kissing a 19 year old boy, when I'm 30.


Joseph Draschil said...

"Oh my gosh!" That is what I just said out loud after reading the last line of this post.

Totally awkward for everyone: Married 30 yr old kissing a 19 year old. 19 year old kissing a married 30 yr old. 29 yr old husband watching while his 30 year old wife kisses a 19 year old boy.

Yeah, theatre!

Van Dyke said...

dang celeste... first your lookin so hot, second ive never seen you in a short skirt(wierd)but lookin good, Third love the hair! and that whole kissing is pretty funny
love you

Sarah said...

You are so awesome...I don't know how you do it all! I wish we could have seen the play, I'll bet you rocked it out! BTW Happy Anniversary last week, totally forgot to mention it! :)

Mikidees said...

you look smokin celeste!

Tracy Barrand said...

OK so how wierd is it that I'm proud of my 30 year old married daughter who can look hot enough for a 19 year old to kiss! Celeste, you defiantly still have what it takes. Ahh, the stage! What a great venue for strange adventures. Wish we could have seen this play!