Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New York New York!

We just went to New York and here are the nine musicals that we saw!!!!

SPAMALOT- pretty goofy, just like the movie, with odd britsh humor, and some fun cool songs

JERSEYBOYS- Amazing!!! thier voices were incredible, but said the F word a milllion times

DROWSY CHAPERONE-This was our all-time favorite, so funny! We've memorized the CD already.

THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE- This was the funniest script of all time, we were in stiches.

THE LION KING- Ok, just like the cartoon cept with puppets

THE WEDDING SINGER- Ok, just like the movie, some of the new songs were fun, espically when one chick pulled a cord and was sprayed with a ton of water and danced in it.

THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA- Absolutly Beautiful!!!! The singing was beautiful, acting was incredible. Just beautiful.

Hairspray- Had to drag Brad to this one. But it surprised him how incredible fun it was!!! We were on the first row and had a blast!

Wicked- Of cours this was the all-time classic. We had crappy seats, but we still loved it.

Here's some other fun stuff we saw!!!!
Celeste in Little China, trying to fit in with the best asian expression possible.

This bronze globe was at ground zero, it was to represent world peace. Celeste cried at ground Zero, then she yelled at at guy who was trying to sell pictures in the area illeleagly.

See the Little Statute of Liberty in the background? Celeste looks drunk.
Brad appearing in Spamlot the Musical!!!!!

First Post of Brad and Celeste's blog

We are trying out a new site. We have a baillio family website at baillio family dit com, but we wanted to have our own space to talk about what goes on in just our lives. That way friends and family can come and check this site out, and see how we're doing, etc etc.

These photos were all taken during our last week in Provo. It is really sad to be leaving behind so many friends and family, but we are still excited to open the next big chapter in the book of life.

Goodbye to the Spitfire Grill.

And Russell, of course.