Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tulips and Zoo

I caught the spirit of adventure on Friday and took the kids to the Zoo and a beautiful flower garden. When I ask Brooklyn to smile- this is what she gives me. She is a tough little model to work with.

Since the Zoo was a impromptu visit, I didn't pack the kids lunches. I had six crackers to share between us. A lady who was sitting near us, overheard our situation and offered us a bag of sliced apples. Oh joy!! We were able to enjoy the rest of the day without starving. I will now remember to be generous to stupids moms like me in the future.

We are still waiting for our grass to grow. Oh please come!!!!

Hunter turned 1!! Congrats little guy!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Weekend

#'s for this Weekend
36 Plastic Easter Eggs

1.2 Mile walk (50% Brooklyn walked)

100+ smiles from Hunter

3 tantrums from Brooklyn
$50 for a 5x5 sand box
360 feet of tilled ground for new grass seed.
2 blisters on hands
5 trips to Lowes

Unknown Hours of Fun to be had....

1 New Mac Computer with a 27 inch screen (bigger then our current TV).
We are now Skype ready!