Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So I'm going for the messy, wavy hair look lately. And someone said it looked liked a "birds nest". Should I be insulted? What if they had said "rats nest"?

I take a shower at the gym, and today I forgot to pack a few items. Lets just say yoga pants and a sweaty t-shirt are not as absorbent, as say, a towel is.
I did manage to bring two extra pair of socks though. Now that I think about it- I should have used them.

When you start feeling heat emanating from the trash- it's probably time to take it out.

How come my 9 month old son's sign of affection for me is screeching and clawing at my face?

Is it bad when you are talking to someone, and you are not listening to what they are saying cause you are imagining plucking their eyebrows?

At Chuck E Cheese last night Brooklyn was having a fabulous time climbing around the play area.You know the play area's that don't allow anyone over 45 inches in? When it is time to go, she comes down the slide leaving a streak of poo behind her. We quickly wipe it up with a napkin before anyone can see and we fly from the restaurant. On they way home I keep having images of what else was left inside the play area. But we couldn't do anything more, right? There is a height limitation people! Come on!

I figured out why doctors are rich- "weight checks." If your child doesn't weigh enough to fit the "average" weight bracket, Guess what!!! the doctor tells you to come back in a month for a "weight check". And they charge a for a office visit! As if I can't weigh my own child!
But now I'm catching on- I'm going to open my own office,weigh children, mark a chart, tell them to eat more, and charge 60 bucks. I'll be rich!
I got a catchy title for the office too- "Weight Checks Here".

You know you are having a bad day when both your children are screaming and you want to pull your hair out. You know you are having a good day when both your children are screaming and crying and you just laugh at them.
Today was a good day.

Brooklyn is ready to be potty trained if she poo's in the bathroom, and comes and tells you, Right???!! Nope, I wouldn't count it if it's in the bathtub. Especially cause you can't flush a bathtub.

Is it mean to make your child clean up their own poo? What if you paid them?

Conversations with Brooklyn

Me: Brooklyn, I need you to pick up these orange peels you dropped.

Brooklyn: I can't Mom- I'm too short.

Me: Brooklyn!You just dropped this entire carton of eggs- and broke them all!

Brooklyn: I'm sorry Mom- don't worry, Dad will fix them.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I kinda like that none of my TV shows have had new episodes lately. I read more.
But will I watch them when they come back on? Of course I will dummy!

My sister with 3 kids, 3 and under, told me she was dealing with two temper tantrums at the checkout at Walmart, and the lady behind her kept rolling her eyes. OOOOooooooooooooo, that gets me so angry. If I was there wish I could have said something to her- or just kicked her in the face.

January is the worst month ever. Seriously. Name me one good thing about January.

I forgot to take my birth control for two weeks. hmmmm.

Is it bad that I feel like I have to dress up and do my hair to take the kids to the doctor? And I have to have a REALLY good story for each bruise and cut they have.

Anyone scared of Doctors? Does anyone have doctor friends? Are they normal?

Is it wierd that my husband went to see AVATAR with a another man? That they were sitting in the dark next to each other sharing candy and wearing 3D glasses?

I LOVE my green coat that Brad got me for Christmas. It makes me think I'm wearing grass.

Does anyone want to live in Disneyland with me?