Friday, November 30, 2007

Small Accomplishments

I feel the need to only blog when something important happens. If that were so, there is good reason why we haven't blogged in awhile. So instead let me share some small accomplishments I've achieved over the past two weeks.

I made cinnamon rolls with YEAST! Yeast you say??? Yes, yeast!!!! It's the first time ever I got the yeast to rise. I was very proud and even though Brad only ate one, my friends gobbled them down. And I ate like 6, so I think they turned out.

I painted this for Brooklyn's room. Don't notice that the middle bunny's ears are coming out of the side of it's head.

I made this wreath for only 4 dollars!!! Go festive thrifty me!

I've read a couple more books.

I'm preparing for St. Joesph's High Schools Production of School House Rock Live. I know, I know, I promised myself I would do anymore choreography gigs, but I guess they seemed pretty desperate. And hey who doesn't want "Conjunction Junction" and "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your Adverbs Here" in their head all day long?

Also, this isn't a accomplishment, but something I'm REALLY excited about!! We are going to Costa Rica in month!!! Beaches, Seafood, Canopy Tours, Snorkeling,and Monkeys. Brooklyn will be eating alot of sand, but she'll be getting her minerals.

Pictures for fun!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

November Lull

So the last few weeks have been mostly uneventful. It's that November lull, when things quiet down right before the storm of the Holiday Season. Now that it is Fall Break at the University, things will start to ramp up in intensity. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, then two weeks of school, final papers, last homework assignments, and then final exams. And I'll be done with another semester. And then begins the craziness of Christmas. So, maybe it's a good thing that we're in a lull. Time to enjoy the relaxation of nothing going on.

A few key occurances in the last few weeks...
Brooklyn upgraded to the bathtub! She loves it so much. :)

Brad got Guitar Hero III, and Super Mario Galaxy.
He loves it so much. :)

Celeste got sick. She hated it so much. :(

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I once heard this somewhere: "If you want something done, ask a busy man to do it." Well, that's how I feel, because I was already busy, and now I've been asked to teach early morning seminary. And it will definitely get done. I've taught twice already, and it is a great experience. It is fun to be teaching the gospel again, and especially the Old Testament. I think we loose its significance among the "begats" and the cryptic symbolism. Anyways, I am both apprehensive, and psyched for the opportunity. Luckily I am team teaching with another guy in the ward, so we are splitting up the weeks. This takes the stress off.

There are 18 students in the class, which is a lot, but it's no different than my TA class. So I feel pretty comfortable up there teaching. It is great to be studying the scriptures again instead of just reading. Exodus is an amazing book, and an amazing story. I shared with the students on Thursday that the children of Israel were delivered through so many amazing miracles to prove to them, and to the Egyptians, without doubt that they were delivered by the power of God. It is also very significant for us in these days. We know that Moses lived. We know that water turned to blood, fireballs rained from heaven, and the Red Sea parted. These things did in fact occur. And the same God who worked those miracles and cared about the Israelites loves me and you. He cares about us just as much, and is working just as hard to "deliver" us. That is a sobering, and uplifting thought.