Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Myrid of faces: by Brooklyn

Note: No hair gels were used in this photo shoot. All hairs standing straight up is the models natural talent.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fall is Here

The day began with a chill wind blowing through the flat Illinois fields. The sun began its arduous climb to the apex in the sky. The Baillio family awoke and started picking up their belongings. Having finished rounding up the lost and forgotten articles of the house like wayward sheep, they walked outside to face their destiny...


We had a community-wide garage sale today at Winfield village and we tried to get in on that goodness. We set out some clothes that we didn't need anymore, including some of Brooklyn's old, or out-of-season stuff, and our old computer desk. We sat out for about 2 1/2 hours, with little luck. Our biggest sale was the desk which sold at the very end for a measly $20. I wanted a bit more, but it was better than nothing, and we didn't need it anymore. So that was great. Celeste sold some of Brooklyn's clothes and made about $3, but then she turned around and spent $2.50 on a gate and other sundry items. It was such a beautiful day with that crisp wind blowing and the sun shining. It was a great morning and great intro to a fun weekend.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

End of Summer

A few highlights of this week.....

The need for quarters no more:
After two years of of marriage we finally have our own washer and dryer!! It only took us 6 weeks and 11 trips to the store for parts, Brad finally got our used washer and dryer working. O happy day!

A new friend that lived in our walls:
I heard some scratching and whining in our kitchen wall. So we called the maintenance people,they warned Brooklyn and I to go upstairs- in case the wild animal got loose and bit us. They cut a 2 foot hole in the wall and chased a friendly squirrel out! Oh the gladness that our wall wasn't the final resting place for our little friend!

The game that was boring:
BYU football team was so good yesterday that it wasn't that exciting to watch. Except for the tackle that faked out Arizona, and eating with good friends. Oh BYU, keep being good!

The toy that entertained Brooklyn:
Brooklyn laughs at anything new that she hasn't ever seen before. Oh the joy when our daughter is entertained by cheap toys!