Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cleaning out the camera

Brooklyn first day of preschool. I told her as soon as she was potty trained she could go to preschool. She said "I want to go on the potty train!"
Potty Training was a hard process, and took a very long time, it finally just cost a lot of money in fantastic new toys. ( Thanks to Grandma for pitching in.) Even though it was expensive it was worth it.
She loves preschool, yet when I pick her up from school, I ask what she did that day- and she just says "I don't know". Grrr. I guess I deserve that cause I probably said that to my parents. However I did get out one story. That she likes to hug a boy named Jason, but he doesn't like it, and her teacher told her to stop. Can't wait to meet this Jason kid!!!

Can I just say, January is really boring? I'm obsessed with summer. I miss waking up to the birds chirping and fresh fruit. I wash my hands in my favorite orange soap frequently just to smell the summer. I've checked out several travel books for Maryland and Pennsylvania, I've already checked out several times before and been already making our monthly summer fun trip plans.

We spend a lot of time in the basement, playing with toys and watching movies. The kids were obsessed with Pingu, then Diego, and now thankfully they are on Backyardigans, which is less annoying than the previous two. I can't wait to get outside, and do real things!!! Brooklyn loves playing with blocks, her favorite things to make include- rockets, castles and "mommies".

Brooklyn, so sick of the winter season, has regressed back to Halloween, and frequently puts on her witch costume and trick or treat's. And I have to fork out some kind of treat!

Our first snowman! Brooklyn named him January. See how boring and stupid he is! Just like his name.

Brooklyn got expensive this month, and started dance class as well. She loves it. She teaches me how to dance and corrects me at home.