Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Vacation

So Christmas and New Years have come and gone, and we've just been busy little beavers. We packed up our whole house and drove through the icy wilderness to Indianapolis on Dec 23rd. We flew into San Antonio on Christmas Eve. We barely beat Santa Claus as we pulled in at 10:30pm. We had a wonderful time in San Antonio visiting my family. Christmas morning was fun. We opened just a few small gifts, but it was nice to watch Brooklyn in the holiday spirit. She loved passing out the gifts to the respective recipient.

We spent one day in Gruene, TX. We ate at this amazing BBQ restaurant. Everything was super delicious, and the ambiance was really unique. They built the restaurant in an abandoned/burned-down mill. A lot of the structure is the original building. It was very quaint, very pleasant weather, and a fun meal. I had the ribs, and they're the best ribs I've had. That meat just melted right off the bone!

We also visited the park one day, and played with Brooklyn on the swing set.

After our beautiful Texas time was up, we headed to Colorado. We spent New Years Eve like a bunch of sissies. We didn't do fireworks. We didn't even stay up till 12:00. But we had the excuse of taking a trip to Costa Rica the next day! And this year we made the flight. Needless to say, it was an amazing trip. For the whole rundown on Costa Rica, visit here. Celeste's dad already went to the trouble of blogging the whole vacation.
Here's a final picture of Celeste, since she always seems to be taking the pictures.