Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mom, Come Back!!

Mom Barrand came to visit, and we want her back!! She entertained Brooklyn, bathed and burped Hunter, fixed our futon, bought curtains and a bedding set for Hunter, sewed a awesome wall hanging for Hunter's room, cleaned our bathroom and kitchen, and helped with shopping, and much much more.
I don't know how many times I said during her four day stay, "How I'm I going to do this once your gone?."
She is a wonderful creative woman and we are so glad that she came!!

We went to the Annual "Westminster Peep Show Contest". Here are some of the highlights:
Peeps Rubix Cube

Peeps Hells Kitchen

St. Peepers Lonely Hearts Club Band

And just a cute picture of Hunter- Giving a senior pose, classic hand under the chin.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Projectile Sneezing Poo

Hunter was up last night from 11:30-3:30. While I was changing him, he pooed all over the new diaper,I went to the 2nd, and while I was placing that one, he sneezed, and a shot of poo, flew all over me, my leg, his new clothes and the 2nd clean diaper. I've never been shot with poo before- it was awesome. On to the 3rd diaper- At least they were free!

Confession- I was interested in Hunter's uncircumcised boy parts, (never one seen before), and while poking around, he peeded and got me in the face. Guess I deserved that.

By the way- I'm mad at Brad for posting that picture of me in the previous post. I know everyone understands i just went through a c-section, but there should be a universal law against taking pictures of the mother during the entire hospital stay. Why is it during the most "picture-taking" moment of your life- you have to look so awful! Grrr- Sigh.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cid Hunter Baillio

We knew the time was approaching, and Celeste wasn't showing any signs of labor. So we planned for a C-section on April 9th. We cleaned the house. We brought out the baby bouncer, baby clothes and bassinet. We decided that the futon-as-a-couch just wouldn't cut it. Ever since the move, our futon cushion hasn't stayed on the frame. It slides down constantly. We don't even need to sit on it, and it starts sliding down. I think the frame is bent, and the cushion has lost its stiffness. So, we shopped around and decided to purchase a nice reclining couch! Our first major furniture purchase. So Wednesday we bought that to prepare for Mommy and baby's homecoming on Sunday. Late Wednesday night we dropped Brooklyn off at a friend's house for her first sleep-over. She loved it!

Thursday morning we woke up early, and got to the hospital at 6:15 am. The prepped Celeste and by 8:30 we were in surgery. I watched the whole thing again. I couldn't see a whole lot of the cutting part, but I could see/smell all the smoke coming from the cauterizer(?). They were using a heat gun to cut through things and close up bleeding things. Then at 8:43 am, Hunter was pulled out into the world. He was so cute and small. They cleaned him up, and sewed Celeste shut, and we spent the next hour or two in recovery. Hunter took to nursing right away and was very good at it.

Everything's gone well since. Celeste has been having a few wrinkles in recovery (too nauseated by the Morphine on day one, and a dizzy-spell after a shower on day three) but she's happy and excited to come home. Hunter is healthy and happy. He sleeps a lot, cries little (yeah!), and eats well (double yeah!). We're hoping our Easter Sunday includes not only a celebration of resurrection and atonement, but of new life in the house when Mommy and Hunter come home. If not on Sunday, then Monday for sure.

Brooklyn was a bit weirded out when she first saw Mommy all trussed up in the hospital bed, with machines and tubes and a new baby on her lap. It took her a while, but she warmed up to the idea of a new baby.

Daddy has the house prepped, the new couch in place, and he can't wait to have the place full with his new family!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Check out Brooklyn's version of a Burrito.

Solid block of cheese, wrapped in tortilla shreds. Mmmm, Mmmm, Good.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Some comments while Brooklyn finishes her nap.

I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER! Since I conceived in Boston- that seems like YEARS ago. The baby is pinching a nerve that gives me a sharp pain in my left butt cheek and shoots down my leg. Its a constant pain whenever I sit, stand, walk, sleep etc. I thought having Brooklyn's head in my ribcage was bad last time (she was breech), but this is way worse. So I'm ready for him to be OUT.

At least with this pregnancy no one has made the comment- "Boy, You look so tired, how are you feeling?".
I HATE that comment! It's like saying-"Boy you look really awful!".
If you have said that to me in the past- I do remember, and it's NOT OK- I haven't forgotten. :)
I think this time it's been better because I get a nap everyday. Whereas with Brooklyn I was working.

One a my new favorite websites is goodreads.com. I love how I can make a list of books that I want to read, and keep track of them. I never have to wonder- What I'm I going to read next? You can rate books, review them, or just make a list of books you have already read. I love looking at what my friends have read, and getting ideas and recommendations from them. I feel awesome when after a rate a book, a friends adds it to their "to-read" list. Sooo if you are a reader at all, please, I would love for you to sign up, and let me see what you are reading.

I've been recently called the Primary presidency, and now I have to lead Sharing Time once a month. I've been told about this website sugardoodle.net, which I LOVE. It gives the best ideas, if you have to teach any primary, youth, and RS lesson I highly recommend this website.

Brad and I were talking about "The Land Before Time" the other day- how it was the greatest movie when we were kids. And I'm talking about the "original" one, not any of the sequels. I was really curious if it would hold up today to the newer kids movies. So we watched it has a family. Brooklyn was glued to the movie and I only cried 4-5 times. It's still a classic. But I didn't realize that half of the movie is about his mother dying, and how much he misses her. Definitely not action packed and full of humor like "Cars" and "Finding Nemo". It definitely plays to your emotions. And the music soundtrack is BEAUTIFUL.

A few of the TV shows this season:

Heroes- It says something when I missed an episode this week and didn't even realize, maybe cause your stupid now and I don't care anymore.

Amazing Race- Thank you for a show that is consistently good, sad about the father and son getting kicked off though. Have you noticed how none of the teams really are mean to the others? They are all a little TOO nice. maybe things will heat up soon.

LOST- So this is the first time that I have watched the season episodes once a week, as they are released, I have to say it's more disappointing this way, and I forget what is going on. Next season, I'm going to try to wait for the whole thing to come out, be a bad mother and watch it all in one week. (And did we really think that Ben could have died? ha ha- big laugh)

Office/ 30 Rock- Still love ya!

Some Movies this Year that I'm excited about: