Thursday, April 02, 2009

Some comments while Brooklyn finishes her nap.

I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER! Since I conceived in Boston- that seems like YEARS ago. The baby is pinching a nerve that gives me a sharp pain in my left butt cheek and shoots down my leg. Its a constant pain whenever I sit, stand, walk, sleep etc. I thought having Brooklyn's head in my ribcage was bad last time (she was breech), but this is way worse. So I'm ready for him to be OUT.

At least with this pregnancy no one has made the comment- "Boy, You look so tired, how are you feeling?".
I HATE that comment! It's like saying-"Boy you look really awful!".
If you have said that to me in the past- I do remember, and it's NOT OK- I haven't forgotten. :)
I think this time it's been better because I get a nap everyday. Whereas with Brooklyn I was working.

One a my new favorite websites is I love how I can make a list of books that I want to read, and keep track of them. I never have to wonder- What I'm I going to read next? You can rate books, review them, or just make a list of books you have already read. I love looking at what my friends have read, and getting ideas and recommendations from them. I feel awesome when after a rate a book, a friends adds it to their "to-read" list. Sooo if you are a reader at all, please, I would love for you to sign up, and let me see what you are reading.

I've been recently called the Primary presidency, and now I have to lead Sharing Time once a month. I've been told about this website, which I LOVE. It gives the best ideas, if you have to teach any primary, youth, and RS lesson I highly recommend this website.

Brad and I were talking about "The Land Before Time" the other day- how it was the greatest movie when we were kids. And I'm talking about the "original" one, not any of the sequels. I was really curious if it would hold up today to the newer kids movies. So we watched it has a family. Brooklyn was glued to the movie and I only cried 4-5 times. It's still a classic. But I didn't realize that half of the movie is about his mother dying, and how much he misses her. Definitely not action packed and full of humor like "Cars" and "Finding Nemo". It definitely plays to your emotions. And the music soundtrack is BEAUTIFUL.

A few of the TV shows this season:

Heroes- It says something when I missed an episode this week and didn't even realize, maybe cause your stupid now and I don't care anymore.

Amazing Race- Thank you for a show that is consistently good, sad about the father and son getting kicked off though. Have you noticed how none of the teams really are mean to the others? They are all a little TOO nice. maybe things will heat up soon.

LOST- So this is the first time that I have watched the season episodes once a week, as they are released, I have to say it's more disappointing this way, and I forget what is going on. Next season, I'm going to try to wait for the whole thing to come out, be a bad mother and watch it all in one week. (And did we really think that Ben could have died? ha ha- big laugh)

Office/ 30 Rock- Still love ya!

Some Movies this Year that I'm excited about:


David said...

The Land Before Time is too slow!

Julie Nye said...

Here are my comments:
1-I liked the naps for the 2nd pregnancy too.

2-I also love Good Reads. I'm glad that you liked Hunger Games so much. It proves that we really do still like the same books, it was just a fluke when I was pregnant that I didn't like your suggestions.

3-I love Sugardoodle. Although, I am finally getting released from YW! Did you hear about the boundary changes? We're in 2nd ward now.


5-I haven't been watching The Amazing Race the last few weeks because we've been watching Kings instead. Have you seen that one yet? You would probably like it.

6-I haven't been watching LOST so that I can rent it and I still need to watch 30 Rock

7-Every Little Step looks like our kind of movie. I do prefer the hip hop dance ones but I'll take it.

8-A comment this long should really be an e-mail or a phone call, not a comment on a blog.

9-We miss you guys! I just had to throw one more in.

Aqualung said...

What do you mean the Amazing Race is too mice this season. You have the vicious deaf kid who U-Turned that other couple and the snakey brother and sister lawyers. The brother would knife anyone else in the back and then charge them a billable hour. They're lawyers what do you expect. I like the evil ones to last until the end and then get CRUSHED.

Mikidees said...

I truly appreciate your blogs that just have your opinions on things. I think it is really nice especially since we don't get to talk all the time and share all that good stuff. and.. HAVE THAT BABY ALREADY!!!!

Spitzer Family said...

Oh, Celeste! I hope that you have that baby soon! It was so great to talk to you last week-soo much fun to get caught up with each other! I am definitely going to check out that good reads web sight-I am always looking for a really good book to read! And I must say I CANNOT WAIT for Harry Potter 6 to come out!

Joseph Draschil said...

Great post, but it sounded like you were really tired when you wrote it. How are you feeling?

Heroes: I loved you so much the first season and now I can't watch you anymore. Who let this show go the way of the Wachowski Brothers?

(Yay for Office/30 Rock/Lost)