Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mom, Come Back!!

Mom Barrand came to visit, and we want her back!! She entertained Brooklyn, bathed and burped Hunter, fixed our futon, bought curtains and a bedding set for Hunter, sewed a awesome wall hanging for Hunter's room, cleaned our bathroom and kitchen, and helped with shopping, and much much more.
I don't know how many times I said during her four day stay, "How I'm I going to do this once your gone?."
She is a wonderful creative woman and we are so glad that she came!!


We went to the Annual "Westminster Peep Show Contest". Here are some of the highlights:
Peeps Rubix Cube

Peeps Hells Kitchen

St. Peepers Lonely Hearts Club Band

And just a cute picture of Hunter- Giving a senior pose, classic hand under the chin.


Mikidees said...

Isn't mom wondurful. She helps me so much. Good luck learning the dance of two kids without her.

Monica said...

Oh how I miss my mother in law too.

But I'm confused. Didn't you have a c section like 2 days before me? Because I am pretty sure I can't even walk normal yet and definitely can't go out of the house. And, you look so good. I probably look about as pregnant as you did when you delivered.

Can you tell I am pitying myself? Congratulations though, Hunter is a doll. I wish you lived here so we could watch them get bigger together like Laney and Brooklyn. Okay, I'm done feeling sorry for myself...

Angela Baillio (Fernandez) said...

He's a dapper boy! And I'm happy you had a blast with Mama Barrand!

Tracy Barrand said...

Oh Hunter smells so good and his skin is so soft. I'd give anything too hear him grunt. this is such a great px with his eyes open. You got so much better px of the peep show. I wish I would have taken more px of the beautiful old homes and the green trees and the flowers. sigh my beautiful kids live in a really beautiful place. If only I could dance with Brooklyn and hear that banshee scream of happiness just once a week. i would be a complete grandma. As it is......I dangle.....broken and incomplete....

Aqualung said...

Celeste, I will share my beautiful wife with you a little bit, but you can't have for any length of time. She is needed and cherished at home.