Friday, November 10, 2006

Always it's been Urinetown!

So Urinetown has opened to the public and we had a great first performance. I think it is notable to mention that the first time we had the whole cast at a full rehearsal was last dress, the night before the show went up! Ha ha ha! Yeah, crazy I know.

Here are some pics from the local paper. Tiny town so they don't archive all their articles on the web, so no easy web access. Just enjoy these fuzzy, hard-to-read pics!
The article describes us thus:
The romantic leads are a married couple: Brad and Celeste Baillio. The handsome Brad is a doctoral candidate at the UI in computer engineering; he has appeared in four shows. His tall, slim blond wife estimates she has appeared in 60 shows.

No joke! This is actually in the article. Click on the pic and see for yourself.
Anyways, we have loved the experience and are so grateful to have had this last opportunity before the baby comes to act together and to play opposite one another in this most excellent show!