Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A conversation

At Lunch:

(Brooklyn drops her sippy cup)

Brooklyn: Mommy can you get my sippy cup?

Me: No Brooklyn, you can get it yourself.

Brooklyn: (Howling) Mommy sippy cup!

Me:No Brooklyn, I'm not your servant.

Brooklyn: Yes you are my servant!

Me: Brooklyn, I didn't drop it, you did, so you can get it.

Brooklyn: (Still howling) But my arms are to low to reach!

(This exchange goes on for a minute more)

Hunter: (gets up from his chair, goes and picks up Brooklyns cup and holds it out for her).

Me: Hunter! That is so nice, Thank you!

Brooklyn: (Shrieking) Hunter, I wanted to pick my own cup up!!!!

(Hunter and I exchange glances)

Me: (Sighing) Okay Brooklyn, ask Hunter to drop your cup, nicely.

Brooklyn:(with restrained anger) Hunter, please drop my cup.

(Hunter looks at me again, and drops the cup)

Brooklyn retrieves cup.

Sometimes I yearn for some more adult conversation during the day.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Pregnant!

There, you know the whole of it from the title. This time I think I took the test correctly.

Monday, November 01, 2010


Our little witch and dragon.

We've been taking some walks around main street in Westminster. These are some of my favorite buildings.

I love this Dentist office, because the house number is 19 1/2.

I was also in community production of the murder mystery "The Mousetrap". AND No kissing 19 year old's this time! Whew!!!
Everyone accusing me of something.
Brooding over the horrible situation were in- Boy I look serious!
Every night the director put a hat in a box that I had to pull out. The last night she put this little number in. I definitely lost it on stage.

The whole cast.