Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A conversation

At Lunch:

(Brooklyn drops her sippy cup)

Brooklyn: Mommy can you get my sippy cup?

Me: No Brooklyn, you can get it yourself.

Brooklyn: (Howling) Mommy sippy cup!

Me:No Brooklyn, I'm not your servant.

Brooklyn: Yes you are my servant!

Me: Brooklyn, I didn't drop it, you did, so you can get it.

Brooklyn: (Still howling) But my arms are to low to reach!

(This exchange goes on for a minute more)

Hunter: (gets up from his chair, goes and picks up Brooklyns cup and holds it out for her).

Me: Hunter! That is so nice, Thank you!

Brooklyn: (Shrieking) Hunter, I wanted to pick my own cup up!!!!

(Hunter and I exchange glances)

Me: (Sighing) Okay Brooklyn, ask Hunter to drop your cup, nicely.

Brooklyn:(with restrained anger) Hunter, please drop my cup.

(Hunter looks at me again, and drops the cup)

Brooklyn retrieves cup.

Sometimes I yearn for some more adult conversation during the day.


Chris said...

I'm not sure what you mean -- this sounds pretty identical to the conversations I have in the office every day!

Austin Baillio said...

and one more voice will join the conversation in about 9 months ;) You lucky duck!

Sarah said...

What?! That is awesome! I love it!

The Jensen's said...

I really miss you. I have no friends and I want you to call me once in a while

Tracy Barrand said...

LOL I so will use this converstaion in my human growth and development class and analyze if over and over and over again.