Sunday, December 05, 2010

4 Amusement Parks in 5 Days!

For Thanksgiving we headed off to Orlando with my parents.
We stayed in this great condo, that had a lame mini golf, but a awesome pool and water slides.
First day we went to Sea World. The Dolphin show was incredible, I cried both times I watched it.

Both kids conked out in the stroller. It was only the first day! 4 more to go!!
At Disney Hollywood Studios, The Playhouse Disney Show was our favorite. There was puppets of our favorite characters. I honesty felt I was in a rock concert, signing along with all the songs and seeing my favorite animated friends.

Magic Kingdom
Daisy- Brooklyn's' favorite character- worth 45 min wait???? I think yes!

Our little pirate.

Universal- Islands of Adventure
Harry Potter Wizarding World!! Amazing- It's was like walking into the movie- I want to live there!
The Harry Potter ride was incredible, like soaring on a broomstick encountering Dementors, large spiders and riding through a Quiditch game.

Butterbeer! I recommend it!

Meeting all our favorite Superheros! Spider man ride was the Best!!

Suessical Land. The Kids Favorite.

Ended our trip back at Sea World, to catch a kiss for Shamu.
And a hug from a Otter.
Overall- Sea World and Universal were our favorites. Sea World brought tears to my eyes with the beautiful animals and the awesome Manta roller coaster. Universal was incredible because it catered more to kids then Disney and Harry Potter world was wowing.

The kids did well all five days, and I was impressed with their stamina. I definitely felt like we ran an amazing race. We couldn't have done it without my parents helping with the kids, and Dad running around the park getting our Fast Passes.

Anyone what to come with us next time???


Joseph Draschil said...

So awesome.

Surprised there was no mention of the Bayou Boys during the Sea World part.

Also, noticed Brad sporting Vibram Five Fingers during the Magic Kingdom day. Alright!

Spitzer Family said...

All I have to say is-I am so JEALOUS you got to go to Harry Potterland!!! Lucky!

b-ryce said...

That looks awesome. What an incredible trip!

Tracy Barrand said...

Yah! This was spectacular. You were the perfect people to plan and go for it. It was a great memory especially the Harry Potter ride and town. I will never forget that Christmas light show in Disney Hollywood. We love you!

Tracy Barrand said...

Oh, and so we are all planning to live by sea world as per Brad's suggestion right?

Aqualung said...

It was so fun to relive the trip by looking at all your pictures. We had a fantastic time and you guys are troopers.