Monday, November 01, 2010


Our little witch and dragon.

We've been taking some walks around main street in Westminster. These are some of my favorite buildings.

I love this Dentist office, because the house number is 19 1/2.

I was also in community production of the murder mystery "The Mousetrap". AND No kissing 19 year old's this time! Whew!!!
Everyone accusing me of something.
Brooding over the horrible situation were in- Boy I look serious!
Every night the director put a hat in a box that I had to pull out. The last night she put this little number in. I definitely lost it on stage.

The whole cast.


Mikidees said...

Awsome pics celeste

Sarah said...

You are so talented I just can't get over it! I wish wish wish I could have seen you in that play, I"m sure you were the best. Your kids are so adorable, and your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You rock

The Jensen's said...

fun halloween costumes...i love seeing remaints of my family. miss you guys we are in need of some friends here

Aqualung said...

Cute kids, old buildings, fun play....thanks for sharing.

Spitzer Family said...

-I love your kids! They are so adorable!
-I love all your pictures-you have such an eye for beautiful photos!
-I love that you still do theatre!
-I love your life on the East Coast, wish I lived somewhere so fun and gorgeous!

Just thought I would say hi, hope you are doing great!!

b-ryce said...

Looks like fun! I miss seeing your plays :) I bet you were great :)