Sunday, September 02, 2007

End of Summer

A few highlights of this week.....

The need for quarters no more:
After two years of of marriage we finally have our own washer and dryer!! It only took us 6 weeks and 11 trips to the store for parts, Brad finally got our used washer and dryer working. O happy day!

A new friend that lived in our walls:
I heard some scratching and whining in our kitchen wall. So we called the maintenance people,they warned Brooklyn and I to go upstairs- in case the wild animal got loose and bit us. They cut a 2 foot hole in the wall and chased a friendly squirrel out! Oh the gladness that our wall wasn't the final resting place for our little friend!

The game that was boring:
BYU football team was so good yesterday that it wasn't that exciting to watch. Except for the tackle that faked out Arizona, and eating with good friends. Oh BYU, keep being good!

The toy that entertained Brooklyn:
Brooklyn laughs at anything new that she hasn't ever seen before. Oh the joy when our daughter is entertained by cheap toys!


Mikidees said...

I am SO overly jealous about your quarter free life. It looks like Brooklyn is having a fun life so far!

mark said...

It is never boring when BYU wins. Brooklyn brings a huge smile to my face. Her laugh is infectious.

Tracy Barrand said...

That is the cutest thing ever. I wonder why she this a window into an exceedingly happy personality. :)

Hailey said...

Oh, she's sooo adorable! She seems so happy! That is the cutest laughing ever!

Bruce said...

congrats "handy man" on fixing your washing you are truly a man :)

Nothing as wonderful as a laughing baby...what a cutie.

b-ryce said...

Celeste, you are really good at putting those pieces in the container! I'm impressed! That college degree paid off!


Tracie said...

Your wife and baby girl are both beautiful! I am thrilled to see you are so happy. Thanks for the insight into your life.
Tracie (Kimball) Barr