Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Weekend

#'s for this Weekend
36 Plastic Easter Eggs

1.2 Mile walk (50% Brooklyn walked)

100+ smiles from Hunter

3 tantrums from Brooklyn
$50 for a 5x5 sand box
360 feet of tilled ground for new grass seed.
2 blisters on hands
5 trips to Lowes

Unknown Hours of Fun to be had....

1 New Mac Computer with a 27 inch screen (bigger then our current TV).
We are now Skype ready!


Chris said...

The sandbox is awesome. I laugh to myself though, because every time I talk about one for our kids, KaraLee says something about bacteria and dangerous worms in sandboxes. So when I finished reading the post I thought, "Dangerous worms: innumberable." :) At the end of the day, I'm jealous of the sandbox.

And can I say that Brooklyn is looking so much like Celeste! It seems like she's grown so much since we last saw you guys. Crazy.

Emily Busath Murdock said...

A 27" monitor, Brad?!?! Glad to see things haven't changed much ... you're still a geek.
Haha, just kidding! I couldn't resist!!!
May I just say that your kids are BEAUTIFUL. So cute!!

Austin Baillio said...

Yeah for spring and sandboxes and iMacs. I can't wait to become Skype buddies for reals!

Tender Mercies.... an LDS Point of View said...

Celeste those pictures are beautiful and the kids are the cutest part. Guess what we got the mac desk top as well but we got the 21 inch one... just one step ahead of us

Spitzer Family said...

Looks like a whole lot of hard work and fun! I love that picture of Brooklyn walking down the path-you are turning into such a photographer!