Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brooklyn's 3rd Birthday

We had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday for Brooklyn. Since Daisy is her favorite character, we tried to dress her up as Daisy. (There is NOTHING you can buy for Daisy. There is stuff for every princess you can think of, but NO Daisy. Brooklyn does NOT like princesses.)

We had pin the bow on Daisy.

"Don't Wake the Giant" (Brad was the Giant)

No party is complete without blanket and Mr. Bear that go with her everywhere.

She got ALOT of chalk. But she LOVES it.

Her 5 year old friend, Sophie had all the kids tear down the crepe paper, wrap it around their heads, and anyone who had a juice cup and a goodie bag- was in the "Indian club".

I'm especially proud of this little number. It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You make think it's not that awesome- but it was a big step for me- because I always just use sprinkles on top.

I also made a Mickey Mouse head pinata. As soon as the children starting hitting it. Brooklyn ran inside the house and hid in her room because she didn't like to see the kids hitting Mickey. I had to gather some candy for her. I'll know next year no violence to favorite Disney characters. (But I probably could get away with a princess.)

Happy Birthday Brooklyn! I'm so proud of you! Now I wish you would go to the potty!


Danica McDonald said...

AWSOME FUN! Good job on an awsome party and WAY cool cake!

Austin Baillio said...

i love you guys. I miss being around you and I totally hate that I am missing things like this in your kids' lives.

Just had to say how cute Brooklyn looks in the last picture and how much she looks like Brad in the first picture. Glad ya'll had an awesome party and Celeste -- you totally rocked that cake!!

Aqualung said...

Your photographic skills are showing in that last picture of Brooklyn. What a fun inventive and memorable birthday party. It will be a legacy for a lifetime of sweet memories for the kids and frazzled nerves for the parents.