Saturday, May 01, 2010

Car Repair

I'm turning a new leaf and developing a valuable skill. I've had the privilege of fixing up my car twice in a month! I fixed the rear brake pads on the Saturn one weekend. My friend from work helped me out. He's experienced and has all the right tools...including a torque wrench! Then about a week later the serpentine belt exploded when Celeste was driving to rehearsal. Turns out the tensioner pulley disintegrated and that was the end of the belt. So I replaced the tensioner and replaced the belt. Replacing the belt involved jacking up the engine and taking off an engine mount. Again, my friend came and helped me since I was nervous embarking on such a dangerous mission. Nonetheless, the belt got replaced and the car runs great! It turns out that there are a lot of little repairs on your car that are pretty manageable. I'm excited to see what breaks next!

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Aqualung said...

You're a man for all seasons, Brad, so the next time Hunter breaks his collar bone grab your doctor's kit and away you go. We might all have to do doctor-yourself with the new Health Care Bill.