Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finally Summertime

We went to "Dutch Wonderland" a amusement park for kids. Where Hunter and Brooklyn could go on any ride they want.

We have a membership to the zoo, and took our friends the Jensens. During our visit a big black snake about 10 feet long came out of the bushes where we were walking and slid right in between me and Brooklyn. I was screaming and children and adults all around us were screaming. Image if you saw a 10 foot snake loose in a ZOO!! I was to terrified to jump over the snake to save Brooklyn so suddenly a big black man came over and picked her up. She had no idea what was going on. Her mom is screaming, she is standing right next to a huge snake, and suddenly she is swept up in a strange mans arms. Well the snake finally slid off, and we all recovered. But about 5 min later we ran into a metal statue of a snake, and after the horrible experience with the loose snake outside- my friend Kristen jumped about 3 feet back screaming. It was a good laugh.

Kristen also had this MARVELOUS idea to have the kids throw rocks into a puddle. Well Hunter skipped the rock part and jumped right in. He had a great time.
We went camping this weekend, it was beautiful and wonderful. The only problem was the kids thought tent time was playtime and crawled all over us giggling til midnight.

We then played Frisbee Golf in the morning. Brad was really good.
I wasn't so hot at it. But Brooklyn picked up the words" Holy crap", from her daddy, and kept repeat it over and over again. We got to start watching what we say now!
And Brooklyn threw rocks in the lake, and tried not to get as much into the water as possible, without getting her clothes wet.


Sarah said...

What a fun weekend!! We need to come live next to you guys! :) Yeah for fun and yeah for summer!

Aqualung said...

Kids and water, especially mud make for wonder times and used washing machines. Hunter looks like he is having the time of his life. Any thoughts on getting a pet snake just for kicks?

Mikidees said...

AWSOME! I'm so excited to see you guys. SNAKES! crazy!

Austin Baillio said...

sounds like another fun weekend and adventure by the Brad and Celeste clan -- totally jealous. Our weekend was filled with travelling in the car having Luke puke every few hours all over Sarah.....not as fun.

Lady Baillio said...

Love all your pictures. Looks like you're having a blast and a half!

Tracy Barrand said...

Holy Crap! I'm so glad Brooklyn didn't get eaten for dinner.