Sunday, July 04, 2010

Please winter don't ever come. I hate you.

I'm already feeling overwhelmed that June is gone. Yikes! only two more months for summer- how can I fit it all in before the dreaded cold comes!

We have a Exchange Student from Spain staying with us for a month. His name is Ignacio. He is really fun,and I like him cause he politely laughs at all my jokes. We took him to Gettysburg and to Chuck E Cheese. How more American can you get.


Aqualung said...

What better compliments is there then to laugh at someone's jokes. He is lucky to be able to stay with you guys for a few weeks. How is he at changing diapers?

Spitzer Family said...

Oh, please winter, do come, and soon, soon, soon!! It is too hot living in the desert. You guys look great! Just thinking about you.

Austin Baillio said...

just no more making out with the foreign exchange student, o.k.?