Monday, July 19, 2010

Goodbye Jensen's Sniff....Sniff...

Our friends the Jensen's left us for "Boise, Idaho". (Who lives there???) Well they claim it's awesome, so they ditched us here. So here's a tribute to them, and how much we are going to miss them.

The Indian club.

Sophie waking up Brad the giant.
The day that their 3rd child was Born. (Also the night we gave them a deadly virus, called the "swine flu".)
This is actual photo evidence that Brooklyn gave Quincy the swine flu.
First day of preschool.
Brooklyn's 2nd birthday.
Probably the most difficult photo shoot I've ever done.
Sustainable living Fair. Some other random kid was in this picture and I cropped her out.

Ahh. Such fond memories........

Bye Jensen's.
I hope you have a miserable time in "Boise".

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