Monday, July 26, 2010

Animals, Bye-Bye Spain and Poppins

We have been going to the Zoo a lot this summer.
We said goodbye to our Spanish Student, Ignacio.
But made him play some Heroscape before he left.
Brad took me to Mary Poppins for my Birthday. I cried six times during the course of the show. Dont' ask me why, I just get all emotional!
Supercalifragislistics and Step in Time were the two best numbers.

We also saw Inception this weekend. It was awesome!!!

Now we are off to Utah, Colorado and TX for two and half weeks!


Van Dyke said...

Ha Ha Celeste you sound like me with the crying. Went to a parade and cried... for why, i dont know. Anyways wanted to wish you a happy Birthday. So Happy Birthday, I'm sure excited to see you and your kids

Becca Anderson said...

Brad- who is the guy standing to the left of you in your Heroscape? He looks like Elder Woodbury from my mission.

Brad said...

No Woodbury's in the photo. Sorry :(

Aqualung said...

Sounds like a great birthday and it would have been perfect with at cupcake to top things off.