Monday, September 07, 2009

Ok - I got the camera to work. 2 posts in one day.

While Brad was away on business for two weeks in the desert, testing programming codes and being bombed at.......... I got to go see my family in Colorado. It was a blast! It was the first time we've been all together since my sister's wedding 4 years ago!

I've also started doing preschool with Brooklyn and Hunter. He grows so fast!!!
Just kidding- that's one of Brooklyn's friends- Quincy.

I'm so sorry Brooklyn- you got my stringy, wild hair.


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Wait a minute! That train looks familiar! Belleview Park, we were just there a few weeks ago :)

The Jensen's said...

Okay, seriously I will be sending Quincy over everyday at 9:00

Lady Baillio said...

Better stringy wild hair then angry wild Spanish tempers!