Thursday, September 17, 2009

Final Summer Adventure

The Grandparent Barrands came to visit for four fun filled days. Us Baillios had to keep up with their fast pace as we dragged our two kids around the state of Maryland.
Fort McHenry

Inner Harbor of Baltimore and eating in Little Italy.

The whole gang came to see Celeste's play at a elementary school. Don't have any pics, but will have some soon. The best part of the week for Celeste was the Dolphin Show at the aquarium. She only cried 5-6 times. What amazing creatures!
We raced of to Washington DC.
The most thrilling part of the week, is we joined the March on Washington. Nothing is more exhilarating then being in the capitol of your country and walking down the street protesting the government. We could be killed for that in other countries! We were at the tail end of the parade but there was a TON of people there. We didn't bring any signs, but we found some ditched ones, so we picked them up and began to march.

Battle of Antietam. Mom wanted to see reanactors so bad, she talked about it all week. When she finally met one, she found out, why the magic has worn off for us in Maryland. The are everywhere! And they Talk!! and Talk and Talk!! They love to tell you about the time period, their clothes, their guns, etc. etc. Although very cool, sometimes annoying. Mom wanted him to pose in a picture with her, but this guy just kept talking about the fabric of his uniform.
Hapers Ferry
Brooklyn's Dinner

If you come visit us, we promise you an adventure too!


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures!

Tiff said...

First of all, has your mom always been so tall...?

Second, OMG! Brooklyn is looking so much like her Mommy!

And third, that little baby boy is the cutest, darndest little fella' ever! I want to pinch his cheeks off!

Aqualung said...

What a great trip and I like ice cream dinners every once in a while.

b-ryce said...

Looks like a blast. I'm proud of you guys for marching on DC.