Monday, September 07, 2009

Camera on the Fritz

So our camera lens won't open all the way. Until we can get it fixed, we are having fun sans camera. Thus we can't entertain you on the blog properly.

Here's a quick pictureless update none-the-less.

Celeste's vacation went well. She had tons of fun seeing her family again and especially having some solo girl time. You can check out more from her sister, mom, and dad. She had the first 4 performances of her play, and it's a great little show! She'll have so much fun this fall on tour. And she makes one alluring Evil Queen! I wouldn't mind getting trapped in her castle (wink, wink).

My trip to New Mexico went well. It was an intense week & 1/2 of testing, and we got a lot done. It was also a nice breather from the family. When I got home I realized how much I love them all and how beautiful and precious they are to me.

It's been a super Labor Day weekend, full of barbecues, food, and friends, but most of all, time alone at the house goofing off with the family. There's nothing better!

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