Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Reads

*** Must Read
** Take a peek
* Don't think about it

*** Filled with some great algorithms/techniques and backed by the theory needed to understand the content. Pick it up if you want to do some planning.

*** A great book to get your fill of probabilistic techniques. Lacks some of the theory, but has plenty of references to point you in the right direction.

** This book fits all your Basic Control Theory needs. It only gets two ** because some of the book is boring and unhelpful. The state estimation and tracking/rejection part was pretty good. The introduction to matlab commands to calculate some of the hard matrix math was fabulous. But it could have been better.

*** Great book for Robust Control. The authors give very rigorous proofs of most of the material. They also leave a good portion up for exercises for the reader. As a student, this is wonderful because it helps you to dig into the material and really understand it. As a student, this is awful because it makes you dig into the material and proofs are never easy.

Ok. On a more serious note...

*** I really loved this book. It is basically a never-ending story. The main character begins telling a story. Along the way, whenever a new character in the story is introduced, they start telling a story (usually about who they are/why they're there, etc.) So you have these cascading stories within stories and most of the characters lives are inter-related in some way. It was a feast to read. The sequel is out and I'm going to read as soon as school is out.

** Both fun comic books. I've been craving these for a while. They are the Marvel world drawn Manga style. Introducing the Marvel Mangaverse, the writers got to start the characters all over again. They made new storylines and new plots/villains. And since it was a limited time deal, they had no reservations in off-ing a hero or a baddie. Curious? Then check it out.

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Dad Baillio said...

Oh, man! I'm going to run out and buy that book on Robust Control Theory (ok, maybe not) but I'm glad you read them. Sounds like all went well on your exams, so made it through your tough week.

Lot's of love, prayers and good thoughts were sent your way. Love ya...Dad