Monday, April 14, 2008

Book Update

***Must Read
** Pretty Good
* Skip It

**Neverwhere- Very strange, "Alice and Wonderland" on acid

***The Road- Wow! Post-apocalyptic journey of a father and son, that makes you want to work on your food storage.

***The Other Boleyn Girl- Now I'm obsessed with this time period. I've watched tons of documentaries, and spent alot of time on wikipedia. Since the entire book is focused on getting a male heir, its not for the prudish.

* The Ultimate Gift- Just watch the movie, a feel gooder.

* Stardust- Just watch the movie, the book is horrible.

*** The Boleyn Inheritance. Henry the 8th's, 4th and 5th wife, extremely interesting. Again not for the prudish.

* Lovely Bones- I heard so many good things about this book, but I only made it half way, skipped the rest and read the last chapter. Sorry!

*** Ptolemy's Gate- 3rd book in the Batimaeus trilogy. It was my favorite. Magicians meet a Genie.

*** Complications- I'm so proud of myself I read a non-fiction book! Ok, I had to read it for book club, but I'm sooo glad that I did. It reads like fiction and opens your eyes to the world of doctors. And I'm not talking about watching Jack on "Lost."

** Tuesdays with Morrie- Again, heard so much about the book, but to tedious for me.

**The Sweet Far Thing- 3rd book after "Great and Terrible Beauty" and "Rebel Angels". Loved the first two, but this was a disappointing conclusion. Could have done with only 350 pages not 700.

* Silas Marner- Tried to pick up a classic. Only read 3 pages and decided I'm not a literary enough. Thanks though!


Shelly said...

Take it or leave it, my favorite trick with classics is to borrow the audio books from the library. That's how I got through Jane Eyre and most of Jane Austen's works the first time (plus the accents are fun).

I'm glad you included Lovely Bones, I've debated and debated and haven't read it.

tweedlediva said...

Ahem. Nice word- "prudish." Wonder where you got that from... I loved Lovely Bones. Appealed to my ghoulish side I guess.

aaron182 said...

Looks likes some cool books. They are coming out with 'The Other Boleyn Girl" movie...although I am sure that it is R...being not for the prudish. Kristin loves that time period as well. You should check out the movie 'Elizabeth'...also not for the prudish but a good film. Loved the Bartimaeus trilogy. I am reading the Septimus Heap books and I love them. The author of 'Lovely Bones' has a memoir called 'Lucky' that Kristin had to read for one of her classes. It is an interesting read...but may leave you feeling depressed. If you want to get into the non-fiction realm again that is.

Well, wish I had more recommendations but you obviously have a good source! Talk to you later!

Julie Nye said...

I like your book updates because we usually like the same books. The Road made me want to hide food storage in a root cellar complete with a toilet and everything else I needed so that I could hide from people trying to eat me if I had to.

Sarah said...

I LOVE Starbust, the movie of course. But thanks for the heads up, I love it when you do these posts, I just want to go to the library and read all day long

Bunna & Biff said...

If you haven't read Scott Westerfeld's Uglies trilogy, I think you might dig it. It was a huge hit at Uni.

Notebooks said...
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