Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Colorado/Las Vegas Trip

Brooklyn eating toast in the Chicago Airport

Welcome home Tiana from the mission and Don from Iraq. Thanks Melinda and Afton for visiting!

Ahhh, sisters that don't look anything like each other.

Brooklyns favorite delicacy- dirt.


more cousins

and more cousins.

and some more cousins.

My best friend from college, Erin, getting married!

Brooklyn eating BBQ with pirates.(There was alot of cleavage there.)


Tiff said...

Ok, so why do you have brownish hair and Danica has long hair in a ponytail in the 1st picture, and then you're blonde and Danica has an adorable bob in the 2nd? Is that what happens when Tiana shows up? :)

Oh, and YAY Erin!!!! Tell her congrats for me, will you?

KaraLee said...

I love the toast and dirt eating pics! That kid cracks me up!

Austin Baillio said...

Cutest picture by far is Brooklyn eating toast in the airport. That kid is amazing. I can't wait till ya'll get here ;) She is gonna love Disneyland!

Funny that you think you sisters look nothing alike because you all are wearing the exact same smile in that picture.

Last comment - a little cleavage goes a long way ;)


Annjilla said...

I love these pictures!! We had a ton of fun at the pirate picnic!!

Aqualung said...

When Brooklyn comes to visit again we have a special meal planned for her:
GROUND Beef and MUD pies with a trip to the ROCKies game.

Megan said...

Hey we are so glad we got to see you! Brooklyn is so fun! We wish it could have been longer...anyway, good luck out there! Hope you didn't die on your flight home! :)

Melinda Draschil said...

It was so funny when Brooklyn ate the dirt! Afton and I still laugh about that! SO FUNNY. We loved spending time with you guys! Thanks for being so good to us and including us in your family party!