Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ocean City in the WInter

Needed a break. Went to Ocean City which is 3 hours away. I kept imagining as we were getting closer that the temperature would rise 50 degrees and we could soak in the sun rays and salt water and sand. Well it wasn't 50 but at least it was 10 degrees higher !!! Enough for me! We started out having breakfast at the diner.
I just asked the kids to smile. Of course this is what I get. Tongues.
I say "Open your eyes!"
Finally, a good one.
Swimming at the pool- It was supposed to be "heated". Our chattering teeth and goosebumps would tell you different.
Hanging on the boardwalk.
Children heating themselves in the corners of the buildings. We are not punishing them!!!!

Sand look warm and inviting? Brooklyn wanted to take off her shoes.
Brooklyn trying to get the birds to go away by throwing popcorn at them. Didn't work to well.

The whole gang of friends we went with.
Ending the trip at the arcade with an intense game of canoeing.
We'll see you in the summer Ocean City!


The Jensen's said...

fun times in maryland

Sarah said...

So fun! You guys are lucky you have such fun things around to be able to do! Great pictures too!

Aqualung said...

Fun family trips to the beach, well worth the 3 hours and the cold.