Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A list fanatic

I LOVE making lists. I have many lists saved in my documents. It helps me organize my brain. So I thought I'd share a few with you. I have made I list of fun things that we are going to do this year.

Lexington Market- Lunch w/ Elephants
Maple Sugar Festival 12th, 19th
Washington Museums
New York- Brad's Birthday


Peep Show 8-16th
Tulip Garden/ Zoo
Great Falls/ Mount Vernon
Ladew Topiary Gardens
New York- Girls Trip


Dutch Wonderland- Kids Ausement Park
Camping- Corodus
Baughers- Pick- Your own Cherries
Civil War Reenactment Farm Museum
Lancaster County

Annapolis- Sandy Point Park
Baughers- Pick your own Strawberries/ Cherries
Hershey Park
Hon Fest- 11th

Bengies Movie Drive-In
Union Mills Hampstead
Cunningham Falls State Park


Raspberry Picking- Larriland Farm
Baughers- Pick your own Peaches
Virginia Beach/First Land./Richmond/Bot. Gardens

Ocean City
Baughers- Pick your own Apples
National Apple Museum, Gettysburg
Little Sykes Railway/Piney Run Park Apple Fes.

Renaissance Fair
Strasburg Railroad

Anyone have other suggestions, or want to come????


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Does this mean I might run into you at the park in August? Seriously let me know when you're in town and maybe we can meet for a play date :)

tweedlediva said...

I wanna come! To everything! *sniff*

Chris said...

This is so strange -- my list for this year is IDENTICAL. Man, what are the odds?!

Tiff said...

Um - where's "Go to SoCal to see the Nutters & maybe Disneyland," HMMMMMM?!


AB said...

I have nothing.

Jen said...

Lunch with the elephants at Lexington Market.... What is that? That sounds really fun! Are you guys getting a pool membership this year?


Mel said...

We wanna come!!! August we will be there:) well kinda, at least closer;)

The Jensen's said...

First that is a lot of picking second doesn't a baby arrive sometime during this list and third have lots of fun we have done about 75% of that stuff and it all rocks! My favorite Virginia Beach