Sunday, March 08, 2009

"What's the deelio, Baillio?"

Brooklyn has been exhibiting some decidedly tom-boyish behavior this month. It's quite alright with me, since she still adores bracelets and purses and pink sparkly shoes, but's a little random.

It all started with a little backpack full of dinosaurs that Celeste picked up at a consignment sale. It was a perfect fit for Brooklyn since, like her mother, she loves to organize things. Her favorite activity is taking things out of a container and putting them back in. So a dozen little dinosaurs in a cute mini-pack was perfect. She took quite a liking to them, and actually likes to play with the dinos. She roars and walks them up and down the furniture. It's pretty cute. It's the best $2 we ever spent.

Then, out of the blue, she wakes up one morning, rifles through the DVDs, picks up Tarzan and points to the TV. Ok. Let's watch Tarzan. After it was over, she picked up the DVD case and pointed to the TV again. What? Again? Ok. Well we watched Tarzan more than a couple times this week. After a few times too many, we suggested another movie to watch. She lined all the DVD cases in a row, and picked out Cars. What? Cars...really? Ok. So we watched cars several times this week too. Fortunately, we balanced out the masculine movies with some Mulan, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

While a lot of the movies were viewed on the TV, she actually preferred viewing them on my laptop. I don't know why, the sound isn't as loud, and the screen is small, but she liked it. She likes my laptop a bit too much. Celeste and I were talking money, or theater, or houses or something, and we turned around and caught the following:

Well, this week wasn't all pleasant viewings. The week started off with a big snow and some sub-zero temperatures. As a result, the Saturn stopped working. The battery died in the cold weather, and I couldn't resuscitate it for a couple days. When I finally jumped it, the speedometer wasn't working, and the Service Engine light was on. Great. So on Saturday we had to take it to the dealer to get it looked at...which won't be until Tuesday since they're so booked. Goo!

And another sad thing happened. Perhaps because of all the tinkering by little hands, or maybe because of the freakish cold weather, my laptop stopped working mid-week. The thing won't even turn on. I'm hoping a power surge fried the power connector, or something simple like that. My thesis is on there, you know. And lots of nice pictures. So, even if the thing is a brick, the hard drive better not be! So we have to have that looked at this week.

A few more things have happened in this, the beginning of a surprisingly eventful month. We auditioned for Seussical the Musical at a local theater troupe. Most of the auditioners were high school students, so of course we were cast as leads. The sad thing is I was cast as Horton, the main part of the play, while Celeste was cast as a minor lead. Bottom line, she would end up at home watching kids while I was out living her dream. So that plus some other reasons lead us to decline the parts. It was flattering to be offered such opportunities, but it was a great chance to come face-to-face with how rusty our skills are. It also spurred some serious investigation into more local theater scenes, a few of which have Celeste excited. So it was a positive experience. We also went to the DC Temple, which was beautiful and huge.
And went to a book fair this weekend and got some free books. And purchased a baby carrier for camping/hiking from REI. And had Stake Conference in Frederick.

And it's only been one week! Coming up, we'll be talking to some lenders and realtors to begin the house hunt, my birthday at the end of the month, and maybe even baby #2 (name still undecided).


Quinn said...

Brad, you would have made a great Horton (Clarissa's current favorite character).

Aqualung said...

Good luck with the house hunting.

b-ryce said...

that is a cute video. its funny that at a glance, i actually thought that the pic of brooklyn was celeste! I guess they do look alike :)

buying a home! you guys are awesome.

Clin A. Eaton said...

Hey Celeste and Brad,
Since you're house hunting, how about looking in Riverton! Bradley Moss is opening a new high school so you could come and be the 2nd theatre teacher with me! Jackie and I would love to have you guys back in state. If we hadn't already done Seussical, I would cast Brad as Horton, Celeste as Mayzie and Brooklyn as the Elephant Bird. Is that an incentive?