Friday, February 27, 2009


"What?", you ask. "The Baillios are soaking up MORE American history!?" Yeah, we live 30 minutes from Gettysburg. However, we didn't actually do anything historic there...unless you consider buying clothes and food historic. We visited an outlet mall right outside of Gettysburg and had a great time. We had a little wet weather so we passed on the real Gettysburg experience. We did gather intel so our return trip in the summer would go by without a hitch. We're excited to soak up all the history around us.


Anonymous said...

Sounds and looked fun!

Aqualung said...

Ahhh Gettysburg, boy does that ever bring back a classic memory. Sweaty hot day, an unairconditioned van, kids crying to go to the hotel pool and a 4 hour tape tour. Brooklyn looks like she is enjoying herself much more then her mother did.

Mikidees said...

Just promise me when you go back to let Brooklyn go swimming afterwards