Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Welcome to the exclusive world of business professionals, and gadget technophiles!

How long have I awaited this day? How many years pining in silence, while my counterparts increased their productivity around me? How many analog hours, wishing for digital freedom?

Thank you ZaReason. You are the waters of Horeb to this Israelite.

Check the link for more laptop pics.

In completely unrelated news, Celeste signed us up for Club Disney to take advantage of the cheap intro deals. So we're on our way to the poor house... just kidding! We'll cancel sooner or later, but we're trying to pick up some classic disney DVDs while we still can.


Julie Nye said...

I find it really hard to believe that you, of all people, have not had a laptop until now. Such a big day! That picture of Brooklyn looks a little bit like the family picture.

aaron182 said...

NO!!! I can't believe it! You did the Disney DVD thing? We did sure to cancel sooner than later. They try to milk you for all you are worth. then they try to make you buy more stuff and if you don't return the mailer than you have to buy more stuff. It is a vicious cycle...and costly to end. But hey, we wound up with some Disney movies! Lesson learned though....and you will learn yours! :) BWAHA HA HA! Seriously though, it isn't that bad. Buying a new DVD is like $25 or $30 bucks each so you wind up paying for those free ones anyway...but Disney movies are expensive at the store too. Well, now I am rambling so I will see you later! What movies did you get btw?

Shelly said...

We've done the DVD thing a few times.

Emma said "that Bwooklyn". Awwww.

Mikidees said...

Brad- I simply don't understand your look of a chocoholic in Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory look in your eyes, but I do understand you are excited- so Congrats:)

Aqualung said...

There is a whole essay in this posting - Brad drooling over a digital tool and Celeste excited about movies. What more can I say other than Brooklyn will be productive and entertained.