Sunday, October 14, 2007

"O the weather outside is frightful"

September flew by and we're in the gut of October already. Things have been super busy at the Baillio residence this month. When things get hectic, and you're burned out from taking care of kids, or studying all day long, there's nothing more soothing than a mind-numbing trip to TV-land. We found a great new show that we enjoy watching after the day is done. It's not super-addicting, or crazy violent, or intensely passionate....unless you call a love of math intense passion.
Numb3rs is the show, and it's really fun to watch (especially for me, the nerdy engineer). It's about this family where one brother is an FBI agent, and the other is a genius applied mathematics professor who consults for the FBI. So they work together on all these cases, and the math is the star of the show. It's great!

Brooklyn has been a treat this month. She's 5 months old now and so we decided to start her on rice cereal. She loves the experience of eating like Mom and Dad, but I don't think she fancies the rice cereal. I'll tell you what she LOVES though, is an apple. Celeste eats an apple, and then lets Brooklyn suck all the extra juice out of it. It's hilarious to watch her. She adores apples now. I think that's what made her dislike the rice just can't compete to fruit.

I have had a crazy October. It's the month of midterms and I'm feeling it. I've never been busier trying to balance research, grading papers, doing homework and being a good father and husband. But I am surviving. I have two exciting things happening right now. I got new glasses this weekend! I'm so excited. The frames I've been using are about 8-9 years old. I don't even know how reliable the lenses are anymore. So it was definitely time to get new ones. I was able to use my vision insurance through the school, so that helped with the cost. (I have EyeMed and went to Sears Optical...sorry Dad, :( I know they're the enemy). But at least I'm gonna look good in my new specs. Celeste hates my current frames, so needless to say, she's ecstatic about the change. The other cool thing is that Geir (my research advisor) is trying to connect me with a good internship this summer. He has vested interest in this company called Kiva Systems. It's a cool robotic company that specializes in warehouse management. It's in Boston, which would be a fun adventure. So we'll see if that happens.

Celeste has been taking her new career as homemaker seriously and has gotten tons of ideas on how to make our home that much awesomer. She got a new rug for the living room, and she also painted a power-wall in our kitchen. It's wonderful.
She even busted out our china and is putting it to good wall ornaments! One day we'll get around to eating off it, but for now I'd much rather have it out and looking good, than crammed in a box in storage.

You may have noticed the random mummy hands on the table. Celeste is anticipating the upcoming holiday with lots of decoration and craftiness. We're excited about Halloween! We bought this really cute lady-bug costume for Brooklyn, and so we're gonna try to dress theme. I'll be a spider (that's an obvious choice...) and Celeste is gonna be a butterfly. So it'll be fun. I'm pretty sure we're going to a Halloween party, and there's the ward Trunk-or-Treat...not to mention Halloween night! So we're enjoying the crisp fall weather, and anticipating the frightful holiday night just a few weeks away!


tracybarrand said...

I love the red wall! Celeste, it's so pretty with the dark kitchen table. Brad we need a px of your new frames. Brooklyn what big eyes you have!

Austin Baillio said...

I hear you about the busy busy busy time during midterms. Mine aren't graded so I don't think it is as stressful for me now but just wait till finals roll around. One semester worth of studying rolled up into ONE grade....very scary.

Anyways, looks like you'll be having some fun. I just wish I could be closer to participate in it!


b-ryce said...

I like the decor. Brad good luck with school, that stuff is tough.

What time is numbers on?

Muggle Mom said...

is that baby a baillio or what!?!?! wow! she is just so cute!

Emily Murdock said...

I was really hoping you'd be the ladybug, Brad. But I guess a spider is almost as good :) Good luck with all the school'll do great.

Sarah said...

I love NUMBERS!!! Friday night is back baby!

Bruce said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween. I bet Brooklyn makes a super-cute ladybug. Yeah, Mom is a big Numbers fan, too.