Monday, October 22, 2007

Book Review

So I have a lot of extra time while nursing Brooklyn,so I thought I'd share my thoughts on some excellent and crappy books I've read. Please let me know if there is any good books you've read- because I always looking for more!!!

Scoring System
****** What are you waiting for? Go get it today!
**** Recommended
*** OK
** Could be missed
* Don't even bother wasting time to read the title!

****Fablehaven- Rise of the Evening Star
2nd book in the series- better then the first. Juv. Fiction. Kids stubble into a world of Fairies and Magical Creatures- very fun and short.

***** Thirteenth Tale
One of the best books I've read for a long time. Amazing, Go get it today.

**** Other Side of Heaven
Re-read this. Enjoyed as much as the first time. Memoirs of Elder Grogberg's mission to Tonga. It's makes you feel all spiritual and stuff.

****The Bartimus Triolgy
Only read first two. Harry Potter meets Aladdin. Juv Fic. Very Fun.

***Shopaholic meets Manhattan
Chick Lit, (Book version of Chick Flick). It's "Devil wears Prada" meets "Bridget Jones Diary". Not for boys.

***** Glass Castle
Wow! Memoir of a White Trash Family. Couldn't stop thinking about it for days.

**** Teacher Man
By same guy who wrote Angela's Ashes. Memoir of him teaching high school in New York. Really Funny! Anyone who has ever taught teenagers at one time or another, it's a must read.

**Peace like a River
Too Sad

*Widow of the South
Boring!!!!! Couldn't actually get past the first 30 pages.

***** Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse
LOOOOOved it!!! For all you ladies out there, Go get these books right now! If you haven't heard about the Vampire craze, you are missing out. I know it sounds silly, but you won't regret it. Please I'm begging you, it's for your own good.

**Mutant Down Under
Lady takes a walk with Aborigines. Makes you grateful for food.

****A Great and Terrible Beauty
A Victorian Girl School with Mystical things going on.

******Harry Potter 7
Don't need to say anything.

****For One More Day
Touching story about a suicidal son remembering his mother. For anyone with a mother.

** The Keep
Erie castle story with too many F words.

**** Persuasion
Typical Jane Austen book, not as good as others but still romantic.

*** Memory Keeper's Daughter
About a Father who gives away his down syndrome daughter after birth without the mother knowing.

**** Water for Elephants
Interesting Circus Love story with a twist and an awesome elephant. Watch out,there are some dirty parts.

Brads Book Reviews. (Notice how he is a much more detail oriented person then I am.)

**** The Club Dumas
A thriller where a book hunter finds himself in the middle of a novel by Dumas. Meanwhile, people around him are dying. What is the link between Dumas and the occult? Read this book to find out.

**** His Majesty's Dragon
Are you tired of the Eragon syndrome of most dragon novels? Fantastic realms, magic and the like? Welcome to Britain in the nineteenth century. Napoleon wages war with all of Europe. Only the British Navy and the Aerial Corps can stand against him. In this fantasy series, the author introduces a fantastical element to regular British history. Along with the uncanny excellence of the British Navy, lies the Corps: an air force division made up of dragons and their crew. This book takes a new look at the concept of dragons that you will enjoy. I particularly enjoyed it after watching Horatio Hornblower. You really get a feel for the Naval life in that era.

** 1421: The Year China Discovered America
This book is one man's hypothesis at rewriting history. It is a very interesting read if you enjoy non-fiction. His theory is quite compelling, although it is widely controversial.

Again, always looking for more suggestions.


b-ryce said...

You guys are amazing! My goal is a book a week, and that is hard sometimes. I'll have to check some of these out! I should do some book reviews on the books I've been reading.

Brad said...

A book a week! THAT is amazing. These are our book reviews of the last few months. So, don't feel too bad. Celeste, though, does read a lot more now. She's kinda lucky that way.

Julie Nye said...

I have multiple comments:
(1)I just put The Glass Castle on hold at the library based on Celeste's review-I actually meant to do it before because this is the 3rd time I've heard her talking about it(2) I agree with all of the reviews from our book club books (3)Have you read Tis-the book in between Angela's Ashes and Teacher Man? (4)Why did the 1421 book only get 2 stars? (5) I was going to bring up Water for Elephants as our next book club choice (6) I think you guys have pretty good taste in books-or else you just read all of the bestsellers! Ok, that's all.

Hailey said...

Celeste! I loved the Thirteenth Tale--I read it when I was prego with the twins--how perfect is that?

Ben and I are reading For One More Day right now.

Spitzer Family said...

You need to read Memoirs of a Guesha-I just finished it and it was soo good! I hadn't seen the movie yet, so the book was fantastic! Another good one is The Persian Pickle Club-an easy fun read. I have been looking for good books lately, so your book reviews were fantastic. Props to you for reading while you feed Brooklyn-I could only watch tv because I found it too hard to hold a book and a bottle at the same time!

aaron182 said...

Wow...I am impressed. Not your normal fair either. I will definitely take some of these into consideration. I have been reading the Black Elf books...highly entertaining and addictive. Of course, there are a gazillion and I am on book 7 so I'll be doing this for a while. Love you

Sarah said...

how long did it take you to do that? You have WAY too much spare time my friends...could you pass some of that spare time my way?

Leslie said...

Just blog jumping and came across yours. I thought I would tell you about a great one...Pope Joan. It's very interesting!

Joseph Draschil said...

This is Melinda not Joseph. But I love the Twilight series!!!! In fact Joseph and I are Alice and Jasper for Halloween!