Thursday, June 28, 2007

Soccer Country

I am SO out of shape. It's incredibly ridiculous. After a brief excursion on Memorial Day playing soccer, a few snappy movies on the subject, and a 2 year mission in Spain as an undercurrent, I finally capitulated and bought some cleats with one objective -- wake up and play soccer at 6:00 am, 3 times a week.

I know, it sounds crazy. But I did it. On my first day out on the field I pushed myself to be the best teammate. I don't remember all the rules, and I am a clumsy dribbler, but I played my best...for 20 minutes. Then I was wheezing with every breath, and seeing spirals dance through my vision. I kept up this pathetic state for another 40 minutes and we finally quit.

I just about died that day. Syler stopped by and split my head open...well it felt that way at least. My insides wanted to be my outsides for a change. OK body! Lesson learned. I won't jump in full throttle after years of inactivity and expect to shake it off. I'll go easy next time.


Austin Baillio said...

I'm right there with you buddy!! I am so shamefully out of shape and found out when I went to Lake Powell a couple of weeks ago. I got up on the wakeboard fine the first couple of times and it was fine! but after a couple of times trying to get up, my legs were jello and said...I ain't standing up for you!!

It was embarassing....but not unexpected. So, I am trying to get myself to do some excersizing before our next far I have been too lazy to actually get started but I hope to get on the ball. I congratulate you for committing!!

Mikidees said...

While I was a lifeguard we called them "the 6am crew". A bunch of people would show up with new goggles and new equipment fully intending to reappear every morning bright and early to work out thier old glory schedule.

98% never came back.

b-ryce said...

Soccer rocks!! When you come down here next time you should go with me to play with these Brazilians by our house it is really fun!

I try and play soccer a few times a week.