Sunday, June 17, 2007

Camp Robert Drake

I have the pleasure to serve as the Assistant Scout Master in our church-chartered Scout troop. Because our ward is in such flux right now, I was also the only leader available to go out and stay for the whole week. Let me tell you, I was initially nervous to leave behind my fledgling family and my recent research for an entire week. Two days into the camp, I didn't want to leave.

I love Scout Camp! More to the point, I love Scouts! What an awesome program. I hear tell that some church members don't like it. I hear tell that they wish it wasn't "pushed" on us and our children. What these people lack is a clear vision of all that Scouts can do to mold young men into powerful, resourceful, honorable men...and have fun while doing it!

We had about 20 boys altogether in our campsite. They were a composite "troop" made up from 3 different wards/patrols. There were 8 from my troop. I really got to know most of these boys really well. They are a rowdy crowd, but I enjoyed being there to lead them and push them to take advantage of all the opportunities at camp. I, for one, took advantage of serveral things myself, including some kayaking, and a river canoe hike. The boys were able to take lots of merit badges, ranging from Wilderness Survival to Cooking to Sailing to Golf, and everything in-between.

My favorite moments of camp:

  1. Watching the scouts try to start a fire by smothering the flames

  2. Teaching the scouts the proper way to start a fire

  3. Using the Scout Law as a standard of conduct, and reminding the scouts to live by it

  4. Attending the classes to inspire the boys to enjoy themselves and participate

  5. Kayaking for my first time

  6. Waking up at 6:00am to the sounds of a forest coming to life

  7. Going to meals where I didn't have to cook or clean up afterwards

  8. Learning how to lead


Mikidees said...

From what dave has said scouts is a great group. He uses the stuff he learned there all the time. And he wears his eagle scout belt buckle proudly every day. yeah scouts.

Austin Baillio said...

There is just something about the outdoors that really brings life into a man.

I just spent thursday to saturday on Lake Powell and I too felt invigorated by the sounds and sights of nature.

I loved being the scoutmaster in my ward while I was there. I didn't get the boys to pass off tons of merit badges (mostly because they didn't show up consecutively enough) but we sure had a great time!

Sounds like you had a ball....wish I could have been there :)

b-ryce said...

Scouts rock! I loved the badges! I learned a lot of great things is scouts.