Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Nerdy Science Stuff

So I'm taking a Motion Planning class right now and our homeworks are all really fun. We get to animate simple shapes and pretend they're robots and see them avoid collisions with obstacles. Cool huh!

The first homework assignment was an implementation of what is referred to as a BUG ALGORITHM. It assumes that the "robot" is like a little ant. And we restrict the ant's movement to the 2-D world (it can't climb over obstacles). So, it has really simple and ultimately stupid approaches to reach a goal and avoid obstacles in the process.

Watch this video and enjoy!
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aaron182 said...

Wow Brad, that is pretty suite! It'll be cool when it actually looks like something...although, it already looks very Tron like. I like Tron...Kristin doesn't. I never get to watch Tron....anyway, your thing was cool! Man, wish I had a class like that.