Friday, September 29, 2006

Quick Update

Hey folks. Just wanted to throw a quick update to the wind. Celeste miraculously got a phone call on Monday about a way better full-time job. It is on campus in the Mechanical Engineering building. Her job description is an "Extra Help". Basically the office she works for goes through this whole process of hiring new faculty. So there are many stages involved in that process, and she helps out in most of them. She gets paid good money too. Like almost $13/hour! That's way more than I ever made!

Also, we started rehearsals for Urinetown. It is such a fun script and score. The lyrics I think are the most clever part of the whole musical. They are hilarious! My favorite line is from Look at the Sky. For those who don't know that song, the main character is starting to dream of hope for a better future by following his heart and by looking at the sky. So one line in the song is, "Look at the Sky! There's a great big heart there! There's a heart in the sky. There just is. Don't ask why. It's the sky!" Too funny. It is a complicated show though, and sadly I don't think it will match the intensity and splendor of what the Egyptian Theater produced recently (at least from the comments I've heard). Our harmonies might not be as tight, and our acting not as polished, but it's still fun to be involved. If anyone has ever had the inkling to go to Chicago or St Louis or Indianapolis or Nauvoo, then come see us and the show, too! We're only about 2-3 hours away from any of those places. Urinetown performances will be the 8,10,11 and the 16,17,18,19 of November. So plan your visit accordingly (wink, wink).

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