Saturday, September 16, 2006

Final Europe post

Munich, Fussen, Dachau -- Munich was really just our launching point to see the castle in Fussen and the concentration camp in Dachau. We did spend an afternoon there on a tour bus. It was interesting, but not terribly so.

Fussen was awesome. We went to see the Neuschwanstein castle. It was built by "Mad" Kind Ludwig. He was obsessed with Wagner and swans, so he dedicated the castle to both (people think he was probably gay, or atleast highly effeminate). Each room had murals and paintings done portraying one of Wagner's operas. It was interesting. His main bed chamber had intricate woodworking done so that a secret door was hidden in the wall. The woodwork was so fine that it completely hid the door seams. From the outside, the castle was a magnificently beautiful sight. It is the "sleeping beauty" castle, from what I understand. Disney took the idea from this caste? Something like that. Anyways, it is gorgeous.

Dachau was depressing and eerie. It was one of the main concentration camps of the Germans. It was a training ground for the SS. Many SS soldiers left Dachau to run other concentration camps in the same manner (or worse). Many people died here. It was built to house roughly 6,000 people, but ended up holding 60,000 by the end. It was more of an intermediate camp, so not many people died here like at other places, but there was still a crematorium. Most people died of disease and starvation, while others died from terrible medical experiments. We only spent an hour or so there because it was too grim and eerie, but of great historical importance.

That about raps up the trip. It was so fun. There is still a lot more we can say about the trip, so ask questions anytime. Enjoy the pictures. We have tons of film. Hopefully you can enjoy vicariously all the things we did. Enjoy!

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