Saturday, September 25, 2010


So you want to be a tiger? Grab a green and red marker- Instant transformation!

Come on! EVERY airplane flier needs umbrella wings, orange goggles and a red Lincoln hat.

Just trying to get a nice portrait picture, but the model wanted to be a dragon that eats trees.
Don't ask me what she is doing to the tree here.


Tiff said...

I LOVE the airplane! LOL!

Oh - and haven't you ever seen "Superstar?" Molly Shannon practices making out with trees... just sayin'.

Mel said...

So funny!!! She is her mothers daughter! I can just imagine this is how you were as a kid:)

Aqualung said...

Celeste that was you when you were that age. You would find a shirt you liked and you never took it off. Although I never saw you make out with a tree.

Sarah said...

How lucky are these kids to have a mom like you, you are so creative and make everything fun! Can you come be Luke's/my mom too???

You've reached Austin Baillio's Blog said...

admit have a picture with marker all over your face too at that age! Too funny ;)