Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Pros and Cons of Life

So we've been in some turmoil this week. It's a good kind of turmoil, but it's turmoil nonetheless. We were really excited that after all my interviews (which were quite numerous), I finally scored a job offer. This was in China Lake. We had already been fretting having to make a decision, and thought things would just be easier if no one else made us an offer. But, we were super fortunate to have another company make us an offer! So, here we are with the pros and cons of life. Getting to choose: PRO! Having to choose between 2 great things: CON!

So we've been making our pros and cons of the jobs, and praying and fasting. Today was our capstone day. And we feel good about our decision.

Maryland starts at higher wages, and is a better job overall. It is a great starting job and opens the door for career opportunities in the future. China Lake is definitely closer to family and is in an area full of members. It has the friends and family network that makes home life great.

It was a very difficult decision, but we're choosing Maryland. We're giving it a day or so to sink in and to be sure, but that's our decision. We couldn't be happier! We know it is gonna be another big adventure for our family, just like moving here to Illinois has been.

Other news this week: Brooklyn started nursery today! She absolutely loved it. I took her and she practically ran the whole way there. She knew we were going to the room full of toys and fun. She did really great too. I think she's hooked! It was a big day for Celeste too, who finally got to sit through Sunday School and pay attention. Brad didn't notice the difference since he's teaching the Sunbeams anyways. Also, I am getting super close to finishing my thesis work. I actually accomplished what we agreed upon at the start of the semester, but now I'm supposed to add another chunk onto it. The timing is terrible, (AHHH!), but I'm hopeful I can get it all together before I start work. Forget about December graduation, but at least I'll get my work done before starting my new job.

So this week is a big one, as we have another ultrasound on Tuesday, my sister is due this week, I've gotta crunch down on my work, and Thanksgiving vacation is next week! And we're all too excited to see my family again! We're all gonna be there! Woo Hoo!


JaNae said...

That is awesome. Congrats!!!! David grew up in Maryland and loved it there.

Megan said...

Yay! I am so excited for you guys! Most likely we will be out there next fall too, and we can get together and have play dates and dinners and things! How exciting! I could feel the excited energy from your blog. Congratulations!
ps...still no stinkin baby yet.

Muggle Mom said...

congrats on the job! and starting nursery! isn't that the best? ;) good luck over the next couple months. :)

Kristin said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you were able to choose what is best for your family. Isn't nursery the best thing ever? We put Aher in a month ago for various reasons but I feel like I can actually do my calling now instead of just standing in the hall chasing after him. Hope it continues to be easy for her!

Sarah said...

Well, I guess congrats...but not so much congrats, happy for you, sad for us. We are totally bummed you won't be living next to us, but this is just a short fork in the road. We are happy you make the right decison for your family, and we will still love you. After we got off Skype with you Austin said, I guess just none of my family loves me. So sad!! We love you, can't wait to see you :)

Spitzer Family said...

Congrats!! That sounds like an adventure-for sure!! The East Coast is so cool and fun. There is so much to see and do here. Good Luck with this new adventure and finishing the thesis--and especially good luck with nursery!!! Hopefully it stays a good experience!!

Anonymous said...

good luck w/ everything from the decision on the job and the colds that Brooklyn will be bringing home ea. week from Nursery.

Anwen always gets a cold from Nursery, then the next 2 Sundays she's not allowed to go in and when she's well again she gets sick again! She hasn't gotten used to nursery yet and it's a bummer. Maybe I should just send her in there whether she's sniffly or the other parents do.

David said...

Maryland isn't that far from Philly :) Congratulations, Brad. Is it a job with robotics or something else?

Aussie said...

You will be really far away---but I'm so thankful you have this opportunity and that you will like your work. That's important!I'm so proud of my competent son-in-law
love you guys!