Sunday, August 17, 2008

Barrand Grandparents

So first things first. Everyone is clambering for details on the pregnancy, so I'll give 'em to you. Now when people said details, I figured the mechanics of the thing were pretty familiar with most, so we'll skip that part. Celeste is about 7 weeks pregnant and should be due April 6th or so. I say "about" and "should be" because we've been a little confused by it all. Let me explain...

Celeste thought she might be pregnant about a month ago so she bought a 3-pack pregnancy test. She took one that night and it came up negative. A few weeks went by and when she was late, she took another one. In despair, she tossed it away. Another negative. Finally, this past week she started feeling a bit queasy and wonky, just like she did with Brooklyn. So she took the final test and again, negative. Confusing but sad. She really wanted to get pregnant soon. Later that same day, when I got home from work, we were browsing the blogosphere, and we happened upon the Nye's blog. And we found out that Julie was pregnant! And topping off the blog post was a picture of the positive test results. Celeste says to me, "Wait a minute. Two bars means you're pregnant?" So she runs to the trash, finds that morning's test, re-reads the instructions, and sure enough, she was pregnant. Turns out, Celeste had been looking for a plus sign the whole time, but they weren't plus sign tests.

So there you go. Exciting news! And on top of that doosy, we had Celeste's parents here for the weekend! So it was a great time all around.

Celeste took them to Concord on Friday morning, which they all loved. It's such a fun place. Celeste's Dad commented that the fascination lies in being able to connect a monumental, cataclysmic change in world history with a physical place. Indeed! In the evening when I joined the group, we ate out at Gregory's House of Pizza. It is this delicious pizza place close to the house. We have gone there almost every Friday since being here in Boston. It is really tasty and reasonably priced. To commemorate our devotion to the place, I bought a T-shirt!

Saturday was filled with Boston tours, by foot. Grandma and Grandpa went off in the morning to catch the Freedom Trail while we stayed home and Brooklyn napped. Then we joined them downtown at Fenuil Hall for some delicious food and a tour of the North End. It was really great. The food was superb, and the North End was interesting. It is practically Boston's Little Italy, it is home to the Old North Church and Paul Revere's House. The church steeple housed the lanterns that signaled "one if by land, two if by sea".

This officially concludes our Bostonian adventures....for now. We've only got one week left here and then we're driving back to Illinois to start my final semester of school! It's been a fantastic summer. Celeste and I commented how this ranks the third best summer since we've known each other. Let's have a Huzzah for Boston on the count of three.



Muggle Mom said...

that is a funny story!!!! congrats again!

Hailey said...

Oh Celeste, you are so funny! I love you for reading the test wrong! Congrats guys! I'm glad you had fun in Boston!

Julie Nye said...

So funny! Glad I could help. I don't blame you though, I had to read the box like 10 times because I didn't believe I really was pregnant.
So maybe you're even farther along. We're so excited that you guys are coming back soon!

Aqualung said...

WE had a fantastic trip and truly enjoyed the Pizza, it is worthy of a T-shirt. I'm also glad Celeste was better reading TomTom than the pregnancy test.

Tracy Barrand said...

In the movie in heaven I want to see the moment when Celeste reads that blog and realizes what she's done and is rifling through the trash, looking for those blue lines on the test lol
Thanks so much for a GREAT weekend in Boston. So glad you could entertain us so well

Sarah Burgoyne said...

This entry made my laugh so hard half way throug I had to go tell Will about it. I'm so excited for you guys and I'm glad you enjoyed your summer in Boston. You have this ranked as your third best summer what are the first two? Or let me guess, when you got married and when you had Brooklyn, right?

Brad said...

For those curious.
1st best summer: Summer we were dating.
2nd best summer: Europe trip.

Shelly said...

LOL!!! I'm so glad Julie posted about her pregnancy.

Congratulations!!! We're glad you'e had a great summer (and have enjoyed reading about it) and look forward to having you back here!

Tiff said...


Oh, Celeste, my love for you has no bounds. And CONGRATS! on #2!!!!

BTW, chicadee, I tagged you.

Emily Murdock said...

Hooray for growing the Baillio family! And I LOVED the pregnancy test story, that was probably the funniest part of my day :)

Jackie said...

The Paynes told me I have to read this story of the pregnancy discovery - C looks like you missed the boat on that one! Maybe that should be your first sign that you are pregnant right? Anyways congrats and thanks for the laugh!

Megan said...