Sunday, July 13, 2008

Winning,Wingaersheek, Wounds, and Whales

This weeks highlights.............

Brooklyn astride the Tortoise, as it wins the race to the Hare.

Building sandcastles and digging holes on Wingaersheek beach.

Brad went paintballing. There was a considerable amount of running, crouching, and hiding.

Therefore, he received some horrific wounds. (As you see in his cry of agony.)

While Brad was expressing his instinctual man-hunt side, Celeste went Whale Watching. She cried, it was so wonderful!!! Brooklyn cried also, but because she wanted to run up and down the dangerous boat stairs, and mom wouldn't let her.

Here is a video of a whale lob-tailing, apparently it's very rare. The guide said he was just playing around trying to get attention. (Ignore the first 20 secs.)


Sarah said...

Wow! Very cool you guys! I can't believe you saw whales...very very cool! Brad, sorry about the injury...:) Brooklyn is just so cute, we miss her a lot. Love you guys

b-ryce said...

I miss the beach!

Austin Baillio said...

Ya'll have so much fin it is disgusting ;) Take me with you next time!