Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Birthday, The Birthday

After a crazy week back from Spring Break (Spring What? What's a b-r-e-a-k?) full of devastating test scores, debilitating sicknesses, and the never-ending grind of school, it was time for a birthday bash.

And boy did we bash it! The partying was non-stop this weekend and celebrations arose at every level. There were
Friends Galore:

Secret Trysts:

Wounded Warriors:
(picture a dramatization of actual events)

And Happy Families.

All in all a great birthday party. I scored on the loot this year as well.

From my twin bro: More Heroscape stuff! The best is the Lexan map. We used it this weekend and it adds so much more to the board-building process. Gives me more to work with.

From the wife: A sweet new laptop-carrying backpack, new khaki pants, and pajama pants. Always the practical, essential gifts. (She knows I'll never buy them for myself, even though I need them).

From myself: Just like any other self-respecting husband, I had to spend money on myself for my birthday. So using my REI dividend, I picked up an ultimate frisbee and a Kleen Kanteen, for all that healthy livin'. (Thanks Snows for the tip.) I also purchased some comic books....yes, comic books...that I've been craving for a while.

From the parents: Cold, hard cash! And a shirt!

Not. too. shabby.

Here's a conversation Austin and I had about our 27th birthday...
Austin: happy birthday foo
me: happy birthday yourself
way to be 27
Austin: crazy huh
i feel so old!
me: i only feel kinda old. i still love kid stuff so much, that it's hard to feel old
like comic books, video games, and candy
Austin: that's true ;)
although I feel like a bum since I am 27 and still in school....
with no career and no house
me: meh

And that pretty much sums up how I felt about the big 2-7.


Muggle Mom said...

happy birthday brad!!! getting old sucks. and i still feel like a kid too. not sure when you're supposed to feel like a grown up. maybe when i'm 60???

Bunna & Biff said...

actually, we just got wind that when heated to 100.4 degrees, the klean kanteen leaches a polybioethylcarbohydrene that has been linked to autoimmune granulcytopenia. it's real. bunna's brother has it.

tweedlediva said...

We are very proud of your proper use of MEH!!! (Matt's favorite word in the whole world)

Aqualung said...

We may have to grow old, like reaching 30, but that doesn't mean we have to be mature.

Megan said...

Yay happy birthday! Im glad yall had fun out there. Seeing the video made me miss yall more.

Tracy Barrand said...

So do you mean to tell me that now your twin Austin does heroscape too?
ach! Happy B-day to a great son---I think I know where the cash will go.

Sarah said...

I love that in the video I took of us singing happy birthday to Austin and the video Celeste took of your friends singing happy birthday to Brad, Austin and Brad did the same exact thing...gotta be twiners...

b-ryce said...

happy b day. I'm so excited about playing heroscape in CO!

Emily Murdock said...

Did you get the Go Diego Go rolling backpack I sent in the mail? I know how much you love kid stuff....aren't I the best friend in the whole wide world?
I'm proud that I've know you for the last 14 of your's to a million more.
Happy Birthday, buddy!