Sunday, August 19, 2007

All Spruced Up

As every parent fantasizes over decorating their first nursery in their home, we had a bit of a late start because Brooklyn was born while we were in a 1-bedroom dinky apartment. Now that we have moved, and Brooklyn gets her own room, we decided to go "Crazy-go-nuts" on the decorating. Here are some pics. The room is supposed to have a Velveteen Rabbit theme.

Also, we've included a couple toy "action shots". Bryce and Marcia got Brooklyn her first official toy, and she's really taking a liking to it. She's developing to the point where she reaches out to grab things and touch and suck. Just a curious little cutie.

Here's a closing shout-out to Grandma Barrand for sewing the cute quilt/bumper pads/wall hangings. And Momma Celeste for sewing the window seat/pillow ensemble.


Tracy Barrand said...

That is THE cutest bedroom I have seen in enons. I love how the pink yellow and green go together. The baby who goes in it is even cuter!

sarah said...

What a good job you guys have done! How fun! I can't wait to have babies you so you can come and decorate my babies room! Love you guys

The Muggle Family said...

hey brad! it's nicole roberts. i ran across your blog from emily busath's. looks like you're doing great! what a beautiful family!


The Murdocks said...

Oh, what a sweet room. And I love the "action shots" -- it looks like Brooklyn really enjoys her bachelorette pad. ;)
Plus, I'm jealous of the pink. Maybe someday I'll be able to decorate with pink!!!