Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nauvoo Pageant

So we took a quick trip out to Nauvoo to see the pageant. It was really fun. It's crazy that we live so close to so many Church History sites. It was fun to bring Brooklyn to see all the sites. I know she won't remember any of it, but maybe it'll make an impression on her somewhere deep in her subconscious.

So we started out with a trip to the visitors center where they had some small performances and the Christus statue. Then we went down to the Browning gun smith shop. It's kinda cool to see that all the modern military firearms are based on this mans work. He (and his lineage) was a genius in rifles and gun making. And he was a Mormon to boot! Then we went to the brick-makers and got a Nauvoo brick. It was amazing to see the devotion and adoration of the presenter to the people of Nauvoo and their sacrifices. He probably gives dozens of presentations every day for weeks and weeks, and he still got emotional talking about them and testifying of the Savior. It was really touching.

After a small picnic for dinner, we headed over to the pageant area. Because of Celeste's extensive Utah Theater connections, she practically knew every core cast member in the show. They were all so glad to see her again and meet Brooklyn. The pageant itself was actually really good! It reminded me of the old Legacy movie that used to play in SLC, just a stage version of it. It was chock full of doctrine and the spirit. It was like cramming the discussions into a 90 minute theater presentation. It was a great experience.

Driving home for 3 1/2 hours at 11:00pm was the hardest part of the day. We finally got back at 2:30am and dragged our sleeping frames into bed. Unfortunately we had an early day at church on Sunday so we didn't get very much sleep. :( But it was worth it to see Historic Nauvoo one more time!


Kyle and Megan said...

How fun guys! I have always wanted to go to Nauvoo, ever since yall(Brad and Austin) went there for the youth trip. Brooklyn looks so adorable too. She has gotten so big!

Livestrong said...

I wish I would have gone with the Singles Ward. I definitely need to meet this little angel.

b-ryce said...

Sounds like a great trip! I'm jealous. I'm not a big gun fan though.

The church is true!!


Sarah said...

That is so fun you guys!! You are so lucky to have Nauvoo so close. And you are so smart to take advantage of those fun little moments. Brooklyn looks so big!! We can't wait to see her..i can't tell who she looks like though...a little bit like Anwen, so mabye that's Baillio, but Anwen looked like Annjilla, so I dont' know, we will just have to wait until I can hold her and take her home with me...oh wait I wasn't supposed to type that last part. Love you guys