Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weekend with 'cuz

Danica and Jensen dropped by for a little weekend fun. It was a surprise and Celeste loved it! We haven't seen those 2 in a while and we loved having them here. Plus, the cousins got to meet and greet!

Check the pics to get a feel of our weekend!


Austin Baillio said...

how fun how fun! One day your babies will play with our babies too....may be your 2nd or third child but someday ;)

Mikidees said...

Thanks for a fun visit. Jensen looks good in purple. And Brooklyn looks good in her little headband. Gez where did you score that? :)

Kyle and Megan said...

Hey guys, your little Brooklyn is so adorable! I can't wait until we get to meet her and our little girls can meet eachother! Just a couple more months!

Sarah said...

Hey I should have posted this on the other blog, but I just thought of it's funny how you and Celeste's baby pictures are all old and faded...and Brooklyn's are all crisp and new....ha ha you guys are old....;) Love ya!